The Home for Amazon HQ2

Washington, DC Anacostia Riverfront


Civilization began between two rivers.

This was no accident.

Time and time again, the places people come together to make something new are on the banks of flowing water. The occurrence is so common, that we forget how rare these spaces really are. It is a truism that our planet is mostly covered in water, but fresh water rivers represent just one six thousandth of one percent of all water on earth.

Like the communities on its banks, the still river is anything but still. It is never in the same place, and always in the same place. Purifying itself as water naturally flows through its ecosystems, it is truly transformative. The perfect metaphor for Amazon itself.

When there’s an opportunity to grow at the convergence of two great rivers—on historic land ready for growth and already developing in ways that are balanced yet leave room for more; to be where many of the brightest tech-savvy minds already want to be; to be the jewel in the crown of this nation’s capital—good things will happen.

Things never before seen.

Things people have treasured from the very beginning.

Our Unified Vision

Our proposal takes advantage of a unique asset for this side of the District, the Anacostia River. The development sites we have put forth in this partnership will create a riverfront campus for Amazon on both sides of the river. There are few places in the city and even country that offer the possibility of a waterfront campus that engages a river like this. The development sites can be connected by river taxis, a fleet of bicycles, the Anacostia riverwalk trail system, the new South Capitol Street Bridge, and transit shuttles. A riverfront campus affords Amazon the best of both worlds—a river corridor with over 1,200 acres of parklands running through an urban oriented campus of buildings that is integrated into an exiting high density and transit oriented community. The ripple effects of such a campus on the Anacostia for other neighborhoods can support additional economic development efforts.

A Unique Riverfront Neighborhood

Mixed Use

A high density, mixed use neighborhood with a variety of residential lifestyle options

Regional Accessibility

Regional accessibility by way of Metro’s Green Line—these sites are served by two Green Line stations—and the regional interstate highway system

Retail & Restaurants

A variety of neighborhood retail and restaurants including grocery stores, health clubs, and 44 restaurants

Near the Capitol

Proximity to the U.S. Capitol complex, our nation’s leaders, and federal clients


Access to the Anacostia River and its 28-mile riverwalk trail system, as well as four world class parks, including: 11th Street Bridge Park, Anacostia Park, Canal Park, and Yards Park

Sports & Entertainment

Two sports stadiums and a future 16-screen movie theater

Improved Infrastructure

A rebuilt public infrastructure system that includes new water/sewer systems, roads, and bridge systems

Easy Air Travel

Ease of access to Reagan National, Dulles International, and Baltimore-Washington International airport


Amazon can be part of one of the largest riverfront redevelopment projects in the U.S. located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Its proposed campus can easily be integrated into an existing and rapidly growing riverfront community, and can accelerate the growth of this and adjacent neighborhoods.